how to hard reset iphone 6

How To Hard Reset iPhone 6

Before performing a hard reset on your iPhone 6, you need to make sure that your phone does really need it. This is because a hard reset will restore everything to its factory settings.So, when you encounter a problem on your phone and only a hard reset would resolve the issue, you will lose all […]

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how to unlock iphone 6

How To Unlock iPhone 6

There are a lot of things to discuss when it comes to unlocking an iPhone. But, these things can be divided into two categories.The first category is unlocking iPhones using its security features. This is pretty literal. Also, this is largely for users who want to know how to manage and familiarize the security features.As […]

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delete photos from iphone

How to Delete Photos From iPhone?

Deleting photos from iPhone is not very difficult. In fact, everyone can do it! But, the process can a be a tedious one, especially if you are deleting tens or hundreds of photos. Also, the new updates from the latest iOS give Apple users new options when it comes to deleting photos. Some may delete […]

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how to turn off find my iphone

How To Turn Off Find My iPhone

Apple’s Find My iPhone feature is one of the most efficient and effective security features of an iPhone. Any Apple user would want this feature to be always turned on.Apparently, it helps any user locate, lock, and erase the iPhone remotely and prevent thieves from erasing the data once the phone is stolen.However, there are […]

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how to backup iphone to icloud

How To Backup iPhone to iCloud?

As long as your iPhone runs an iOS 5 or later, you can backup your data to the iCloud.Apple has very excellent security features and certainly, you can count on them. But, there are circumstances that you would wish you have a backup. These circumstances may include losing your iPhone, upgrading to a new iPhone, […]

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how to clean iphone charging port

How To Clean iPhone Charging Port?

There are times that you would encounter a difficulty in charging your iPhone. In fact, some iPhone wouldn’t even charge at all! When these happen, there can be a lot of reasons.It is possible that your cable is not working properly. Or, it is also possible that your charging port is no longer at its […]

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